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Behind the Convention: Richard Phon (part II)

Richard is the Manager for Manga Lounge for Anime Expo, in the first part of the interview he was talking about his convention experiences and thoughts about cosplay. In the following part, Richard talks about his love of Sailor Moon and gives some of his two cents about Kaleido Star.

Kris: Switching gears a little bit, I want to know more about you and Anime and Manga. What got you into the hobby and when did it happen?

Richard: I've been watching anime before I even knew what anime was. I just noticed that these show actually had plots and better animation. I'd have to say that Sailor Moon was what did it for me. 

Kris: What did you think of the art style when you first saw anime?

Richard: Just that is wasn't the typical style you would see for children shows, not as crude

Kris: Let's delve into Sailor Moon in depth. How often did you watch Sailor Moon as a child?

Richard: I use to watch it every time it was on. Usually before school early in the morning. I still remember it being on channel 13 USA channel

Kris: Who was your favorite character?

Richard: Sailor Mercury was my favorite because she was the brains of the group. She even had her own computer and visor

Kris: Who didn't you like from the Sailor Moon cast and why?

Richard: I didn't like Uranus, Neptune, Mars and Jupiter.

Kris: Why didn't you like them?

Richard: Probably because they had the strongest personalities. 

Kris: I see

Richard: Jupiter was my favorite though in the live action version. The anime never did her justice

Kris: Why didn't you like Sailor Uranus and Neptune? They are commonly seen together as a pair

Richard: Just there attitude when they were first introduced. How they never really wanted to be a team with the others, and that put me off. 

Kris: Also, why is it that you dislike Sailor Mars when she was probably one of the most popular of the Sailor Senshi. She still has quite a following almost 17 years later.

Richard: Mostly how she fought with Sailor Moon all the time. The manga version of her is more likable and explains her past

Kris: Speaking of the Manga, what do you feel about the manga version of Sailor Moon compared to the Anime iteration?

Richard: I felt that the anime was no where as good as the manga. The anime had over 200 episodes to play with, but was mostly wasted with monsters of the day syndrome. While the manga gave more detail into the Sailor Moon world.

Kris: Would you ever want to see an anime reboot of Sailor Moon that follows the manga more faithfully?

Richard: Yes, I would love to see that, but first I want a new release of the older series. A new voice cast and the release of the last season Sailor Stars

Kris: Of course, with Kodansha handling their own manga in the USA there is hope at the very least on the manga front

Kris: Speaking of anime, what is your favorite Anime?

Richard: It still has to be Sailor Moon because it is what started it all for me.

Kris: Do you have others that you like?

Richard: Ronin warriors, outlaw star, X. what I really like are anime w/ teams that each have a specific element attached to them

Kris: So you like anime with teams of characters, do you know why you have that preference?

Richard: I like that they work as a team and how each one has a power that is unique from the others. Probably why I enjoy super sentai series so much

Kris: What would your power be if you were a magical girl?

Richard: I would make the best magical girl! I'd be spinning and transforming like crazy

Kris: Yeah, but what would your powers be?

Richard: I'd have control of Time/Space

Kris: So you would be similar to Sailor Pluto?

Richard: Teleport myself to wherever and whenever. No, not like Sailor Pluto. she dies when she uses her power, which makes no sense.

Kris: Yeah, having a great power that ends your immortality is pretty sad.

Richard: .....and how did she get a tan guarding the time door when there was no sun? she should have been ghost white

Kris: That's true, that always bothered me in Sailor Moon. She should have been the lightest character, not the darkest one, because she has no sun exposure. 

Kris:  On manga, what is your favorite manga?

Richard: I would have to say it's X by CLAMP, the story and artwork are both beautifully crafted

Kris: What would you say to CLAMP if you had the chance to meet them?

Richard: I'd have to get a translator first. I'd convince them to make a manga based on me and my adventures if I had supernatural gifts

Kris: If you had a chance to make a Manga, what would it be about?

Richard: I would be based on myself and friends as a super team trying to save the world. Nothing serious, but more comedic and lighthearted

Kris: So your story will not have themes like death, revenge, politics, business, etc.

Richard: It will have all of that and more, just in a lighthearted way. People will die, just in funny ways

Kris: Normally I would be skeptical about that sort of thing, but I think you would be able to do all that quite well. 

Kris:  Before we finish this interview, I want your thoughts on Kaleido Star.

Richard: I have to say that I enjoyed the series very much. Sora was not as annoying as many other heroines of anime are.

Kris: What did you think about Layla Hamilton, Sora Naegino, and Rosetta?

Richard: Not much, May was the real star of the show.

Kris: Really, you were indifferent to Layla? In season 1 her development is probably one of the most memorable in Anime history.

Richard: I don't remember her much, I remember the black cop more

Kris: Speaking of May Wong, what do you think about her development?

Richard: They developed her well, and was a good contrast to Sora, and should have had a spin off

Kris: Do you lament the lack of Kaliedo Star cosplay in Anime Conventions?

Richard: Not really. I don't want to see people running around in leotards.

Kris: With me you have an amazing hit rate when it comes to recommending anime and manga, what is your secret?

Richard: I know what I like and don't like, if the anime or manga doesn't capture me in the first volume or episode then it fails.

Kris: Thank you for the interview, I will split it in half since it is quite a bit of information.

Kris:  Is there anything you would like to say to everyone?

Richard: That RichCon 2011 is coming!

Kris: Thank you my friend, and have a Merry Christmas.

Richard: You too.

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