Monday, January 17, 2011

Anime Los Angeles 2011 video

My friend sent me this video made by "acksonl"

This person is a very talented videographer that I saw during the convention. I didn't personally meet him but I did see him film in the convention. It would be nice to meet him and chat with him a bit he if did Anime Expo. I believe this was filmed using an SLR and some prime lenses, unless I got him confused with another gentleman walking around filming the convention.

California Cosplay
This video is a very good video that shows snippets of Anime Los Angeles. The drummer and the cosplayer in hoola hoops is quite catchy to say the least. It also has an extended feature with fan-favorite cosplayers, the pokemon guys. For those of you that didn't know, the pikachu guy has a shake weight with a pikachu on the ends.

Anime LA Fanvideo 1
This fanvideo was also very good. The music was very catchy and the subject isolation was amazing. The Cinematography, the location, and the editing was all top notch.

Anime LA Fanvideo 2
The creative use of slow motion in this piece was very good. While the first one was much stronger and left more of an impact, this piece was excellent nonetheless.

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