Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cosplay Photo Shoots: Tips for Cosplayers

Some of my best pictures in Anime Conventions are photo shoots. With a photo shoot you can control the environment and have great poses and pictures that could not be done in a high energy atmosphere of the convention. Talking with some cosplayers and cosplay photographers, I have compiled a short list of what to do to have a proper photo shoot so that everyone can have a great time.

Tips for Cosplayers

Getting a photographer: Long before you plan to do a photo shoot to show off your new outfit, start looking for photographers who will attend your convention. Talk to photographers on places like CosCom and look at their reference photos on official websites, deviantArt, flickr, and others to determine if their shooting style matches what you want. Once you have found a photographer you like, schedule a shoot with them by getting in contact with them. Arrange a meeting location so that you can meet the photographer. I don't suggest this unless you are 100% sure the photographer is trustworthy, but you can also exchange phone numbers. is a great place to find a photographer
 Practice, Practice, Practice: When you are in a photo shoot, you are basically a model who is posing for the photographer. As a cosplayer, practice the basic poses of the character you are trying to cosplay as. Practice in front of a mirror to see if the pose works or if you need to adjust it. When you are cosplaying, try to be the character as they are in their natural environment. You also have to practice movement since the photographer will likely ask you to move to transition between the strong poses.

Arrive Early: You are meeting the photographer for a photo shoot, be early so that you can move to the shooting location.

Have Fun: A photographer's lens captures everything, make the best of it and have as much fun as possible. If you are bored or not enjoying the shoot, it will show in the resulting pictures. A photo shoot in general will last between 15-45 minutes depending on what you want as the cosplayer, so bring some water and most importantly, lots of energy and ideas. If the photographer is unfamiliar with the character your are cosplaying as, take the initiative and have fun with the character and let the photographer do their job and capture the scene.


Ange W. said...

Can you do an entry on more tips for posing? I know a lot of cosplayers who aren't too sure on how to pose or what angles look the best. Since you're the photographer I'm sure you know what looks best. Or even give some examples of outstanding in-character poses from your gallery. Thanks!

KrisZ said...

Ange, you read my mind. I will actually be posting a posing tutorial in a couple of weeks. I didn't want to overwhelm the reader so I didn't go too much into detail about it.