Friday, January 14, 2011

Figure Review: Atler's General Selvaria Bles (Valkyria Chronicles)

When Valkyria Chronicles was announced, it gained the attention of many people for its gorgeous watercolor art style and the legacy of the developers behind the game. In one of the early press releases, they revealed a gray-haired, buxom woman named Selvaria Bles. There was a lot of talk about her of her rather "ample" proportions. When the game was released, she etched herself in the annals of videogame history as a great villain character because of her terrifying (and amazing) theme song and because she was a well-developed sympathetic character who was more than just eye candy for the males. Long after the release of Valkyria Chronicles, she still has quite a fanbase because of impact she had on the people who played the game, from amazing cosplayers to a bunch of figures. Of the figures, one of the best representations of the general is Alter's version of General Bles.

General Selvaria Bles's Official Artwork
The watercolor artstyle of Valkyria Chronicles meant that the franchise had a strong anime design (as seen by the official character design of Selvaria). Thankfully the transition from videogame to figure was good to the Alter figure. Her face is a very accurate depiction of Selvaria, with a gentle jawline. To fit the General's stern personality in the game, the figure of Selvaria Bles is very serious. Her piercing red eyes are looking at a different direction with her mouth closed in an indifferent expression. The figure fits Selvaria very well and does a good job presenting her in a manner that is consistent with her personality in the game.

Selvaria has extremely long hair, and the figure has her hair up as she is starting to transform into "valkyria mode." Oddly enough, the figure's hair color is gray with a bluish tint, while her official character design is clearly gray. Even with that little niggling detail, the figure of Selvaria does her long hair justice. The only problem is that her hair is almost suspended in mid air, which means that it takes up quite a bit of space. If you ever buy this figure, just remember that the figure takes up lots of space.

Like the Mio Akiyama figure I reviewed before, the detail in the Selvaria figure is astounding. The accuracy to the character model is nothing short of amazing. Selvaria wears an odd backless design (which makes little sense in practical war) which is lovingly recreated in the figure. Little details like the Valkyria Spiral on her belt and the scaled leg covers shows the attention to detail in the figure. Selvaria also has the sword she carries that is loving recreated in full detail. The figure even has those silly pockets on her breasts that are the butt of many jokes in her fandom. The figure also features a black cape, which looks very good on the figure.

The figure makes a great photographic subject
It is hard talking about General Selvaria Bles without talking about her rather ample bust. As you can see in the official artwork, it is a prominent part of her character design. Since the figure strove for accuracy of the original character design, the figure also has quite an ample bust. Thankfully, while the figure does have Selvaria's large breasts, the long hair and the large size of the figure actually doesn't emphasize it compared to the actual video game. While it does contain General Selvaria Bles's exaggerated features, it does look rather attractive in figure form because it doesn't emphasize it as much.

The figure is HUGE
Selvaria Bles is a general of the empire, it shows in her figure design because her pose is a pose from a person in a position of power. Her legs are angled at different points showing dominance in the situation. Her right arm is angled forward with her hand open. The eyes meet the end of the arm, effectively showing support for her confident appearance. The left arm is angled downward with her hand also open. In short, the figure is posed amazingly well and fits the character of Selvaria. It exudes confidence and charisma, a personality trait that Selvaria shows as the commander of the empire.

The figure is massive, it stands tall at around 9 inches. The figure is a PVC figure, so the figure is very durable and sturdy. The build quality of this figure is amazing. Unlike the Akiyama Mio figure, both of Selvaria's feet are on the ground, so there is no worries about having a figure fall down with the wear and tear of time.

Selvaria has quite a bit of fans, the price of this figure went up a couple of times after it was released due to the extraordinary demand for it. In a game full of interesting characters, Selvaria sticks out. The figure costs close to $150 dollars with shipping. It is probably the most expensive figure I will ever buy. Alter's version of General Selvaria Bles is one of the best figures from Valkyria Chronicles. This figure will probably sell out fast, if it isn't sold out already. It is an amazing figure that does justice to one of my favorite Valkyria Chronicles characters. If you like General Selvaria Bles, this figure is a mandatory figure to have in your collection, you wont regret it.


Tom said...

I'm envious sir! Amazing pictures, however, I still do not know the proper way to maintain a figure.

KrisZ said...

The Selvaria figure is great, it is a pity that there is not any other figures of comparable quality for Isara, Rosie, Alicia, Welkin, and the other Valkyria characters.