Thursday, January 27, 2011

Looking Back at Sailor Moon

When Sailor Moon came out I liked the series. Unlike my other friends like Richard and Allen I never watched it religiously, but whenever it came on I watched it with all my attention.

Sailor Mars, my favorite senshi
Fast Forward 12 years later in 2005 and I buy the uncut boxsets for the first 3 seasons of the anime (for the uninitiated, that is around 120 episodes of sailor moon goodness). I watch most of the boxsets and what shocked me was how TIMELESS sailor moon is. Sure it is almost 18 years old now but the anime is very timeless. The story is a classic and is very well done, and the filler is just so damn creative in how they attempt to expand the Sailor Moon universe beyond the manga. The anime is the monster of the week syndrome, but it was pretty good for what it was.

Of the cast of characters, my two main favorites were Sailor Mars and Sailor Saturn. Rei Hino aka "Sailor Mars" was a tsundere long before the word even existed. She loved being around her friends since it marked a departure from her lonely earlier life, but yet she picks on Usagi constantly. The other one I liked was Sailor Saturn, but not because of the anime. I enjoyed how she was developed as the mysterious girl to the one who would bring destruction to the world. Her development in the manga was great, and remains to this day one of my favorite female characters. While I do have a great preference toward those characters, that doesn't mean that I dislike the other cast members. Unlike my friend, I like all the Sailor Senshi because they all have such a great dynamic together. They are a great team, and losing one of them will make the series far different than the Sailor Moon we know today.

Kodansha is now publishing their own manga in the USA, I am hoping that the second edition of the Sailor Moon manga gets released. For those of you who don't know, the manga version is far superior to the anime iteration. The manga version of Sailor Moon is much darker than the anime version, the tone is much darker and the storytelling is more mature. In a world of silly reboots, having a Sailor Moon anime reboot that is based on the much darker manga would be an incredible experience. After all, they don't need to add grittiness to make it darker, since producing an anime based off the original manga would be very dark by itself.

Looking back on Sailor Moon, it changed the anime landscape by bringing a whole generation of Anime fans, and it lives up to its reputation because it still continues to impress many years later.

Sailor Saturn is my other favorite

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