Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quick Video Review: Mio Akiyama (K-On)

Here is my first video review for the figure of Mio Akiyama, you can read the full review right here. I will probably have a more thorough review in the future once I get the hang of using DSLR video.

If you couldn't tell, I was quite nervous. It is one thing to prepare yourself, but once the camera starts rolling it is really easy to mess up. I have to practice my voice over skills so that I don't mess it up on video.

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FH said...

I know its kinda late but:

It is easy to "mess up" during a video shoot, but try to remember that thanks to the innovations in technology many of these things can be fixed on a computer~
(albeit more time consuming and a with little more effort)

Sure, not everyone starts off pro status in the beginning (or has all the time in the world), but by exposing yourself to how others work in the same environment, one is able to better the video product.
For example, you could try taking multiple small video shots and editing them together (using the parts that you feel best show the potential of the video) to create the finished product. This would help you relax a bit since you would probably be taking many more shots, and you wouldn't feel as nervous as you initially did. And if you mess up, that scene can be replaced~

What I mean--

Notice how there seems to be many "breaks" in the video? Well something among those lines would not be so bad, especially when it helps to give different angle shots of the item you portray.

Anyways, though I am not experienced in this line of work, these are suggestions that I would find helpful IF i was going down the same path. Lol, hope you don't mind.