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Behind the Cosplay - Katx (Part I)

A picture hanging out with Kat at Little Tokyo
In my second interview, I interview Katx, a well known poster on the Anime Expo and forums. She is a great person who I have become friends with very quickly. We have quite a bit in common, from the anime that got us into the hobby to being a Filipino living in the United States. She is a great cosplayer who has cosplayed as Rukia from Bleach, Xiaoyu from Tekken, and Azusa from Bleach.

Due to the incredible length of the interview, I split it into two different parts. The first part focuses on the differences between anime conventions in the USA and the Philippines, her first anime, and she also learns that K-On was written by a shojo scriptwriter. You can find the second part of the interview right here.


Kris: Would you like to introduce yourself?

Katx: My name is Katrina, but I'm more known as Katx in the AX forums.

Kris: What is your first Anime Convention?

Katx: I don't remember, but I've been going to anime conventions since I was in High School (between 2000-2003). Though my first local convention is Anime Expo in 2008. I think it was the first time AX moved to LACC.

Kris: Oh wow, you have been attending anime conventions longer than I have. What were the anime conventions you attended back in High School?

Katx: Those were local conventions in the Philippines. They have lots of anime conventions all year-round (almost every month).

Kris: That is awesome; I have never been in Anime Conventions in the Philippines. To be fair, the last time I was there in 1990's I was more interested in getting used to the culture than going to Anime Conventions. How are Anime Conventions in the Philippines compared to the United States?

Katx: The biggest difference between the conventions, in my opinion, is that anime conventions in the Philippines is more cosplay-centered, while US anime conventions are more event/panel-centered. They don't have anime masquerades in the Philippines, but we have catwalks instead.

Katx: If you check the event calendar at, there are 3 anime conventions for this month alone.

Kris: Oh wow, that is pretty incredible.

Kris: What was your reaction the first time you saw cosplay in a Philippine convention?

Katx: Most people found it weird, but I thought it was really cool. It's like seeing your favorite mascot when you're a kid... it just makes you happy.

Kris: I agree, when I first saw anime cosplay back in my first convention (Anime Expo 2004), at first it was initially shocking, but once you got over the initial shock it started getting a little cool.

Kris: When did you first get into anime?

Katx: I got into anime at a young age... probably in first grade. Like most people, Sailor Moon broke me into the anime world.

Kris: Nice, that is awesome. What was your favorite part about Sailor Moon?

Katx: The variety of characters. It's hard to pick a favorite with that many characters.

Kris: Well, of the characters did you have a favorite one?

Katx: I had trouble at first; because I liked almost all of them... but I ended up picking Sailor Saturn even if she's not as popular as, say... Sailor Moon.

Kris: I agree, the cast overall is likable, but once you start watching the series eventually you start getting a preference. You know that my two favorites are Sailor Mars and Sailor Saturn. Why did you like Sailor Saturn?

Katx: I can relate to her more than the others because she's fragile and she's always stuck at home because of her condition, but she's strong-willed. She ends up being a villain at one point, but we all know she's good. (I also have a bias with black-haired characters)

Kris: I agree, you eloquently put why I like her character quite a bit. I will admit that I turn into a gushing fan whenever I see a Sailor Saturn cosplayer.

Katx: And the fact that she's reserved and not as loud as the others makes her likeable :)

Kris: I like that about her also, but I also like Sailor Mars who is the complete opposite of Sailor

Katx: Since Sailor Moon, what kind of anime do you watch? Do you have a preference towards a certain genre or anime?

Katx: Hmm... I can't find a certain trend with the anime I've watched recently.

Kris: Of the anime released in the past 5 or so years, do you have a favorite one?

Katx: Story-wise, they don't really have anything in similar.

Kris: Don't worry, I am with you. The kind of anime I like is so eclectic and so different that I would have a hard time trying to figure out a trend.

Katx: That's a tough question... but of the recent ones I've seen, K-On, Kaichou wa Maid-sama, and High School of the Dead make my list of favorites. (See what I mean about different :) )

Kris: Wow that is as different as can be. I guess I will go down to each one in a little bit more depth. What do you like about K-On?

Katx: Aside from the different character types, I like how it's an anime about a band. They make learning how to play instruments look/sound really easy (believe me, it's not), thus inspiring people to pick up instruments and learn how to play them.

Kris: That is cool! Where you surprised to find out that the Anime version of K-On had a female director and had a legendary shojo screenwriter?

Katx: To be honest, that's news to me ^^ I'm one of those simpletons who just watch the anime and don't really look behind the scenes. But wow, that explains why there aren't any guys in the anime.

Kris: Ha ha ha

Kris: It is pretty funny because the original Manga was written by a guy (as far as I know), but the anime had a very strong female influence. Which is why it has less fanservice than the original manga.

Katx: I'm glad they kept it that way... lots of fanservice in the anime would probably reduce the fanbase.

Kris: Yeah it would, there are a lot of female fans of K-On. The reason is probably because it doesn't have the copious amounts of fanservice found in lots of other series.

Kris: As for Kaichou wa Maid-sama and High School of the Dead, why do you like those anime series?

Katx: I like Kaichou wa Maid-sama because of how Misaki (the protagonist) is a fighter.

Katx: She's from a poor family, but she doesn't let that get in her way. Plus, I like the humor in the anime.

Katx: As for High School of the Dead, despite all the fanservice, I like the zombie theme to it.

Kris: Yes, I love Kaichou was Maid-sama, so I agree with you there. To be fair I love shojo anime and manga in general. Why do you like High School of the Dead? K-On and Kaichou wa Maid Sama I can see, but why that one?

Katx: I think I started watching HoTD based on recommendations, but got hooked on it because of curiosity (e.g. how did the zombie apocalypse begin? will the group survive?). I'm a fan of zombie movies in general, and to see it in anime form is new to me and as violent as it sounds, it's one of the only ways in which it's okay to hurt/kill people (probably because they're not humans anymore).

The second part of the interview is right here

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Aris Christian Joseph said...

Hey Kat! This is one epic interview with you! :D

Katx said...

Thanks Chiiieee!!! All thanks to Kris for a fun interview. You should come here and join us with our cosplay-related shenanigans! It's been a while, I should hit you up soon ^^