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Behind the Cosplay - Katx (Part II)

Kat at Anime LA 2010
Part I Interview

In my second interview, I interview Katx, a well known poster on the Anime Expo and forums. She is a great person who I have become friends with very quickly. We have quite a bit in common, from the anime that got us into the hobby to being a Filipino living in the United States. She is a great cosplayer who has cosplayed as Rukia from Bleach, Xiaoyu from Tekken, and Azusa from Bleach.

Due to the incredible length of the interview, I split it into two different parts. You can see the first interview right here. In the second part of the interview, Kat talks about her first cosplay experience, why azusa is her K-On girl, how she came up with the epic crossplay gathering, and her cosplay plans for Anime Expo 2011.

Kris: When did you first cosplay and what was your first outfit?

Katx: I first cosplayed around 2006, or when Bleach was getting popular. My first cosplay was Rukia's Karakura High uniform.

Kris: When you first cosplayed, how did it feel? Where you nervous before you showed off the outfit?

Katx: It was fun because I was able to convince my friends to cosplay with me, so we formed a Bleach group. Plus, my non-cosplaying friends were very supportive of me. I was just a bit nervous that people might think that I "fail-cosplayed" or ruined the character for them.

Kris: So your first experience was a great experience. What other cosplay have you done since then?

Katx: I've only done Ling Xiaoyu from Tekken and Azusa Nakano from K-On. Not a whole lot, but I'd like to cosplay a lot more characters in the future :)

Kris: You did Ling Xiaoyu from Tekken? I didn't know that. When did you cosplay as her?

Katx: Last year at AX ^^ Only a handful of people recognized the costume, because it was her secret costume from Tekken DR

Kris: Oh, I see. I didn't know that.

katx: This one: :)

Kris: That is cool, I wish I saw the cosplay so I could snap some shots of it. I am pretty bad in recognizing characters, especially in fighting games. I was in the BlazBlue gathering in Anime Expo last year, and a person was asking me who are the names of the characters and I totally blanked out on a couple of them.

Katx: LOL that's usually the case when there's a lot of characters 

Kris: I do have shots of you cosplaying as Azusa since I met you because of the K-On gatherings.

Katx: I'll be wearing my Xiaoyu costume again this year though (because Francis wants to be Panda and David will be Kuma) I actually have a shot in mind where Xiaoyu is being chased by Panda, Kuma, and Pedo Bear lol funny thought

Kris: That is awesome we have to do a photo shoot of all your cosplay.

Katx: Yay, that would be cool! I had one done last year for my Xiaoyu cosplay, but my hair got pretty messy so the pictures didn't turn out nice :(

Katx: Look :(

Kris: You are very well known because of your cosplay as Azusa from K-On, why did you decide to cosplay as her as opposed to Mio, Ritsu, Mugi or Yui?

Katx: She became my favorite character as soon as they introduced her into the story. I really admire how she's (possibly) the best musician in the band in the sense that she knows her stuff.
Plus growing up, I've always been the youngest in the group or in class, so I kind of related to her character more.

Kris: Was there any connection with her in terms of her strict personality or her assiduous work ethic?

Katx: I think I'm more like Mio in the sens that she's responsible but more lenient than Azusa. Though I have to admit, when I got my guitar, I've been practicing almost everyday... thanks to Azu-nyan!

Kris: You mentioned that personality-wise you are closer to Mio. Would you ever consider cosplaying as any of the other K-On girls?

Katx: I'd consider cosplaying as Mio because bass guitar is a fun instrument to play :)

Kris: Nice, I support that 100% seeing that you have already cosplayed as one of my favorites (Azusa). If you did the other one then you will do my two favorite characters in K-On.

Katx: Cool! We'll see if I do :)

Kris: Okay, I have to ask this question since I am probably not the only one thinking about it. What inspired you to come up with the (epic) Crossplay/Genderbend gathering? After all, you are probably the first person to come up with such a unique cosplay gathering.

Katx: There's this one character I've been wanting to cosplay for a loooooooong time. Even my Mom knows that I like this character so much. I received a comment in the past saying that crossplaying a character just ruins it, so that kind of detered me from crossplaying or genderbending the character :(

Katx: Also, I know a number of guys who plan to crossplay this year... so it would be nice to get them all together and take a picture of the group. Traps are awesome :)

Kris: I agree, traps are awesome. I mean, I did a whole write up on it in my blog.

Katx: Wow, really? That's cool! :)

Kris: Well, I will be the first one to thank you for coming up with a great cosplay gathering. You know I will definitely be there to photograph it.

Katx: I'm sure everyone will be happy that you'll be there to join us!

Kris: Speaking of cosplay, what inspires you to cosplay?

Katx: Being like the character I look up to inspires me. The idea of people recognizing my cosplay and taking pictures also encourages me

Kris: That is a good reason; I don't think you will find anyone who disagrees with that mindset.

Kris: Okay, I will ask one more question, then I will let you off so that you can enjoy the rest of this great night.

Katx: Don't worry, ask away!!!

Kris: What cosplay will you be doing in Anime Expo 2011?

Katx: My plans (so far) are Azusa (winter uniform) from K-On, Xiaoyu (her secret costume) from Tekken 5 DR, Misaki (maid uniform) from Kaichou wa Maid-sama, and that one costume for the crossplay/genderbend gathering (I'm trying to keep it a secret to see if people will actually recognize it. I'm thinking that I might disappoint people if I tell them the character and my costume doesn't live up to their expectations). I was also planning to cosplay as Knives Chau from Scott Pilgrim vs the World, but the people behind the gathering stopped showing interest.

Kris: Wow, that is quite a list.

katx: LOL just for AX :)

Kris: I am looking forward to your cosplay

Katx: Thanks! I hope I don't disappoint!

Kris: I am definitely looking forward to doing photo shoots with you during Anime Expo. Thanks for your time Kat

Katx: Likewise! Thanks as well Kris!

Kris: I had lots of fun learning more about you. Do you have a DeviantArt or any websites you want to plug?

Katx: Sure, my DA is
My CosCom profile is if you want to post it :)

Kris: Thanks Kat

Katx: Thanks as well!

Kris: See you at Anime Expo, or anytime before. Have a great night!!!

Katx: Likewise and thanks, you too!

If you didn't know, I kind of focused on why she cosplayed as Azusa since personality-wise I am closer to her than any of the other K-On characters. I had a lot of fun interviewing Katrina and knowing more about her.

If you are in Anime or Manga in any way (cosplayer, convention staff, cosplay photographer, industry, or just a big fan of the hobby) and have AIM or Gmail I can interview you. Shoot me an email at:

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