Sunday, June 12, 2011

[Update 2] Valkyria Chronicles 3 will not see a USA release

Valkyria Chronicles (戦場のヴァルキュリア) is an innovative, classic video game that turned the genre of strategy RPG's on it's head with its varied gameplay, unique art style, and its innovative battle system. People pined for a sequel for it, and they got their wish, Valkyria Chronicles 2 (戦場のヴァルキュリア 2: ガリア王立士官学校) was announced for the PlayStation Portable. The announcement was met with lots of "complaining" for the lack of a better word since the original game is considered a classic on the PlayStation 3. When the game came out, it was a polished, well-developed game with some flaws. A majority of the complaints were about the second game's setting, poor class upgrade system, and redundant map design. After the release of Valkyria Chronicles 2, they announced that Valkyria Chronicles 3 (戦場のヴァルキュリア3 Unrecorded Chronicles) is coming out with a darker theme and a more direct influence from the original Valkyria Chronicles. The game was supposed to fix all the flaws in Valkyria Chronicles 2 while refining what made the franchise so great. American fans of the franchise waited in bated breath for return to the form for the Valkyria Chronicles franchise.

Today, I bring some sad news, the 3rd Valkyria Chronicles game will never see the light of day in the United States. It was first asked on Sega on Twitter, and they responded saying that Valkyria Chronicles 3 will not be at E3 and that there has been no announcement for a stateside release. A fan of Phantasy Star Online Portable asked Sega if they will release the game in the United States and here is his paraphrase of Sega's response:
"As much as I would love to see an English release of Infinity, SEGA West is currently not looking at further PSP development. Games like PSPo2 and Valkyria Chronicles 2 did not sell nearly as well as we had hoped that they would. Also, we all have to take into account the heavy amount of piracy that plagues the West. It may happen at some point, but there are currently no plans for it. " (Link)
There you have it, Sega will not be releasing Valkyria Chronicles 3 because the second game did not sell as much as they would like and that the prevalence of piracy makes it hard to make a profitable game on the PlayStation Portable. I would like to explain further as to why it happened, but frankly I am just upset that the game is not getting released in the USA. You can try contacting SEGA to do what Tales fans were successfully able to do with Namco (as in getting Tales of Graces F and Tales of the Abyss 3DS stateside), but success stories like that are far and in between. The best hope for the franchise is to hope for a PS Vita release, and the chances of that are very slim to none.

Update (10/11/11):

In an interview in Singapore, SEGA's team manager for Platform sales has confirmed that the game will not see a USA and EU release. He justified it by saying that the PSP's sales are horrible in the West and that Valkyria Chronicles II did not meet Sega's sales expectations.


Update 2 (10/17/11):

All hope is not lost, Sega Brand Manager Aaron Webber says that Sega knows what the fans think and he things that the fans should keep at it to push Sega. They haven't announced any plans aside from the fact that they are listening to your complaints. There is a dim chance, but that is certainly better than the zero chance we got a week ago.


Here are screenshots of the game that we are not getting:

Here are some of the great character art:

Selvaria Bles

Kurt Irving

Riela Marcelis


PSP Wallpaper


Anonymous said...

meh the chances were slim anyway. We're all better off waiting for VC4 as that one person said on the Valkyria wiki "Just because the third game did not come over here doesn't mean that the franchise is dead." I know it seems bleak but he could be right. If we just keep the demand the franchise can live.

Anonymous said...

In truth this game was doing everything right, after the strange departure VC2 took. But hopefully this is able to be brought to our shores eventually, either through an updated PS3 version (ala Metal Gear) or through PSN to remedy a weak PS Vita launch lineup (PSV is PSP compatible).

"All of human wisdom can be summed up into two words - Wait and Hope."

KrisZ said...

Yeah, just because the third game doesn't come out doesn't mean that the franchise is dead, but it does show that the series is a lower priority in the West.

I would like to point out that I loved Valkyria Chronicles 2, but I do understand the criticism of it.

As I said, there is still a chance for it to be released in the states, but with Sega's recent comments the chance of it coming out has shrunk significantly.

Anonymous said...

I loved VC2 as well, and was waiting for the third game, since I like the franchise so much. Please, Sega, don't make the fans take radical measures like Nintendo fans did with MOTHER 3...

Anonymous said...

Seeing how good VC3 looks, I so want to play it. But now its not coming because VC2 didn't sell well? That's so unfair!! Japan keeps another good game for themselves.

Anonymous said...

I was also looking foward to vc3 I understand that vc2 was different... but i love it and I hope sega changes there mind i love this series!!!

Anonymous said...

You know what, FUCK YOU SEGA
you make good games and when you finally have a fanbase fo it you take a shit on them.

Stop murdering sonic, please let him die and move on, this could have been your next big series

Anonymous said...

VC3 WILL see the US shores within this year! why do i know? becoz it is TBA on gamefaqs! unlike PS:infinity with only JP releases. it is just a matter of time! hell yeah

Anonymous said...

if you guys are TRUE fans don't believe that VC3 will not have a US version unless SEGA specifically confirm this. its just a twitter reply for crying out loud.

it's TBA period and 2011 at that.

and very few games are cancelled once TBA is issued. RE:portable and Devil May Cry:Portable are example of those.

so like don't go "this guy said it will not be released.. oh well"

KrisZ said...

There is definitely a chance of a PS Vita release, I don't discount that. I just have to point out that releasing it for the PSP is very unlikely now considering that the successor is coming out soon and that the software ecosystem for the PSP is all but destroyed.

Reeta said...

It was nice to see this one with all the information I m looking for .

Anonymous said...

If sega wants sales then they would update the graphics a little, add a few extra maps/bonus contents, and release it on the PS3.

Valkyria Chronicles is a valid franchise in NA/Europe, its just that the PSP is a poor medium to distribute it. Of the VERY few people I know that own PSP's, the only reason they have them is because they are so easy to hack and get free games.

I know MANY MANY MANY people that own PS3's and I have yet to meet someone that has hacked one.

Anonymous said...

Welp, time to go learn Japanese

Anonymous said...

pretty depressing news :(

Reia said...

Hopefully Sega will reconsider when the PS Vita comes out. We can only hope!