Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Francis's Birthday/Christmas Present that he gave me, thanks Francis!!!
On December 13, 1984 I was born into this world, do the math if you want to calculate my age, I am not typing it. Ever since then my life has been one heck of an adventure. If you told me 5 years ago that I would be getting my Master's Degree in Business, that I would be one of the most well-known cosplay photographers in the West Coast, and that I would be an executive officer on the Board of Directors for the organization behind the largest anime convention in North America, I would not believe you. In such a short period of time my life has changed forever. My goal in life before I started working in Anime Expo was to get my PhD in History and become a professor at a university, but life told me to take a different path.

My birthday present to
myself, it is nice!!
That's what's so great about it, life is an adventure. I always see the glass as half-full compared to many people out there. I have been called "innocent," a "dreamer," "ambitious," "kind," and "gentle," yet those words are merely descriptors of an aspect of how I really am. It is easy to use simple words to describe someone, but it takes more than a descriptor to accurately convey how they really are. I am grateful to live yet another year on this great planet and make many new friends from anime conventions, graduate school, and life in general. It is true what they say about life being very unpredictable, I am close friends with people I met only a couple of times before, and my close friends I have known for a while are slowly drifting away to become only fond memories of yesteryear. As long as I am breathing I will continue to do my best to be a good person in a world full of people who are not exactly the best.

For the next year I have a couple of goals, hopefully I can reach those goals:
1. Get a nice full time job that respects my intellect and knowledge once I graduate
2. Win a beautiful girl's heart
3. Finish my Master's Degree on time

To be honest, number 2 is much harder than anything else out there, but at least it is something to aim for, something to go for. Not to mention, I posted it on my blog which means I am accountable to it if I fail at it miserably.

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