Saturday, February 25, 2012

Studio Spotlight - P.A. Works

Progressive Animation Works
Japanese Animation Studio
Founded 2000
Official Site

There are many animation studios in Japan that produce and create anime, one of the new rising stars in the anime world is P.A. Works, an Anime company that started in 2000. The company started doing collaborative works with Production I.G., Bones, Nintendo, Gainax and a variety of other companies in doing the animation production and in-between animation. In 2008, the studio started producing its own anime and has become very popular with the work they have produced.

True Tears (Winter 2008 season) - True tears was the first animation series where P.A. Works was the main studio involved in the production process. It was influenced by a visual novel of the same name, but it went a completely different route with a very different storyline, set of characters, and character designs. It was licensed by Bandai Entertainment for the United States.

Canaan (Summer 2009 season) - Canaan was a sequel to the highly praised visual novel by sega 428: Fūsa Sareta Shibuya de. The anime was originally announced as 428 the animation. It was a 13 episode series that helped establish P.A. Works as an animation studio to look out for.

Angel Beats (Spring 2010 season) - A co-production with P.A. Works and Aniplex, Angel Beats was heralded as one of the best anime released that season and was one of the big anime series to put P.A. Works on the map. The positive reception by the audience led the Blu-Ray to be a top selling anime series.

Hanasaku Iroha (Spring-Summer 2011 season) - In celebration of the tenth anniversary of P.A. Works the company produced a 26-episode anime known as Hanasaku Iroha. The anime features screenwriter Mari Okada (Horou Musuko, Gosick, Canaan, Toradora) and character design by Mel Kishida (Heaven's Memo Pad, Atelier Rorona, Atelier Totori, Atelier Meruru). With great character interaction, amazing production values, a wonderful musical score, and a great screeplay, Hanasaku Iroha was one of the most critically acclaimed anime released in 2011.

Another (Winter 2012 season) - A 13 episode horror series based off the novel written by Yukito Ayatsuji.

Ever since they have started producing their own anime, they have quickly built a reputation for a great quality product with high production values, great characterization, and an amazing overall product. I look forward to see what anime they will create in the future.

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