Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Sailor Moon and Tales of Xillia Westward

The largest Japan-centric event in Europe is run around the same time as America's Anime Expo, known as Japan Expo. As a large event that draws in many industry figures, Japan Expo is home to many unique announcements and events. This Friday, we saw two huge announcements that rocked the world of anime and the world of video games. The first major announcement was that Sailor Moon will get a new anime series in 2013. In the world of video games, Tales of Xillia was announced for release in the European Union and North America. As a fan of both, this news was quite exciting.

Details of the new Sailor Moon is scarce, but with the announcement we do know a couple of details. The first major fact is the period of release, which is the season of Summer 2013. We also know the animation company, which is Toei Animation, the original company that made the original Sailor Moon anime. The opening song will be done by Momoiro Clover Z. Aside from that, few details are known about this Sailor Moon remake. Unconfirmed reports suggested that this will be a version that will appeal to the older fans. Whether it means that it will follow the manga more faithfully or it will have heavy nostalgic focus is unknown to only but a few people. Whatever happens, this is the first new iteration of Sailor Moon in a long time, and longtime fans and new ones are looking forward to it.

On the other hand, details of Tales of Xillia is well known. It is the first mainline Tales game that was made from the ground up for the PS3. Like Tales of Graces, it is a mothership title that uses the Tales Studio. The story follows two lead characters Milla Maxwell and Jude Mathis as they try to save the world of Liese Maxia. It is one of the rare tales games that gives the player the option to play the game from the perspective of a male or female protagonist. It was the highest selling modern Tales game and a sequel was quickly announced for release in Japan this year. No release date was announced, but speculation is that this game will get a 2013 release.

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