Monday, November 5, 2012

Parting Letter to SPJA Membership

Dear SPJA Membership and General Public,

It has been an honor serving as SPJA Board Director for the past two years. When the Board was elected in the 2010 cycle, we were immediately informed of the deep financial issues. The Board of Directors developed a strategy to pay off this debt. It took two years to pay off the legacy debt that has plagued the SPJA, and we have laid the groundwork to enter another period of success and growth.

Anime Expo, Anime Conji, and Project Anime exist because people passionately love the hobby and wish to create a venue to communicate our love for this hobby. I am a strong believer that the SPJA is a convention by the fans, and for the fans. A central tenant when I was director was to connect more with the staff, attending members, and industry. We can connect more by being more transparent and improving the accountability of the organization. I challenge my successors to continue pushing the organization in this positive direction.

For a healthy organization, the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation needs a vibrant and proactive membership. Whether you supported my candidacy or opposed it, please do not end your participation with the SPJA now that the voting has ended. An organization is as healthy as the members participating in it, so demand answers for important questions, participate in open board meetings, join a committee, and make your voice heard on a regular basis. Complacency and disinterest should have no home among the voting membership. Never forget that this is your organization, and your participation determines the organization’s future direction.

With love and respect,

Kris Zoleta 
Former Board Treasurer and Interim CFO


Anonymous said...

So Sad ;-;

Have you considered doing other conventions like Otakon or Japan Expo USA?

KrisZ said...

Sorry, my future in staffing conventions is one big question mark. What happens in the next 2 years will pretty much determine the conventions I will support working from within, and what other conventions I will support as a cosplay photographer.

In short, stay tuned for the ride.