Cosplay Photography

I am an cosplay photographer who loves the art of photography and I am getting better all the time. I have extensive experience with photo shoots, doing over 180 of them since 2009. I attend these anime conventions and events:
  • Anime Los Angeles
  • Riverside Lunar Festival
  • Wondercon
  • Anime Conji
  • Little Tokyo Cherry Blossom Festival
  • Anime Expo
  • Japan Expo USA
  • Nisei Week
  • Yaoi-con
  • Comikaze
  • Pacific Media Expo
In the Anime Conventions and other events, my photo shoots are free. I can send you my cosplay shots of you if you are the cosplayer in the picture. You are free to post it on your Facebook, deviantArt, and other places as long as you give me credit and use very little Photoshop. All my pictures are all natural, and I generally like keeping it that way. I also do private shoots in Riverside County and Orange County, the most you have to pay me is just a little gas money.

You can contact me three ways for a photo shoot:
Samples of my work can be found at my Photography DeviantArt.

Anime Los Angeles

Anime Conji

 Little Tokyo

Anime Expo

Pacific Media Expo